Julio Jones hires dive team to try to find lost $150K earring

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Atlanta Falcons jersey receiver Julio Jones jersey jersey recently took a tumble off a Jet Ski, and when he emerged from the lake waters, he was missing something.

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One of his diamond earrings, reportedly valued at about $150,000, had fallen out.

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Divers, who went as far down as 65 feet, came up empty-handed on Tuesday, WXIA reported.

Cheap DeMarco Murray jersey “It’s down in crevasses and nooks and crannies,” Richard Pickering, one of the salvage divers, told WXIA. “It’s impossible — absolutely impossible.”

Asked whether the earring was worth $100,000, Jones told WXIA, “Yeah, yeah, it was worth a little bit.”

Jones’ jeweler said the earring is worth $150,000.

Jones, who reports to Falcons training camp on Wednesday, said he’s just glad no one got hurt when he fell off the Jet Ski.

“As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff,” he told WXIA. “You can always get that kind of stuff back.”

Best fits for top NFL free agents still on the market

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Training camps have opened around the NFL with the best intentions. Teams have spent months building what they hope are disaster-proof rosters. Should a catastrophe ensue, or an offseason projection simply fall short, a handful of veteran free agents remain available to help.

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Editor’s PicksWhy NFL teams will settle for less talent at backup QB”They talk about competition at every position, but obviously there is not,” an NFL defensive coach says. Why do teams sometimes employ No. 2 QBs who possess limited appeal in the present and no upside for the future?

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Let’s take a look at the best of them, as of Tuesday morning, and then take a stab at pairing them with a possible destination(s).

Cheap Josh Evans jersey 1. Colin Kaepernick jersey, quarterbackThe verdict has seemed clear for a while now: No team judges Kaepernick’s skills highly enough to supplant either its distaste for his 2016 anthem protest or the public attention it would presumably garner in 2017. Fair or otherwise, that’s how most teams operate. But Kaepernick is by far the best unsigned option at the position. It might take an injury or depth-chart failure for a team to make the move, however.

Best fit: Seattle Seahawks jersey, who showed interest in June and would be derelict to leave their Super Bowl hopes in the hands of Trevone Boykin or Austin Davis jersey should Russell Wilson jersey be injured. Kaepernick is also a better quarterback than anyone on the New York Jets jersey’ roster.

2. Robert Griffin III jersey, quarterbackThe wholesale jersey Kaepernick drama has overshadowed scant Griffin’s struggle to find a job, five years after he was the draft’s No. 2 overall pick. The league’s hesitance is understandable; Griffin has encountered injuries throughout his career and has never looked comfortable outside the unsustainable read option structure. What has he done to suggest he is more than what we’ve seen? He is only 27, but does any coach have the skill, time and interest necessary to elevate him? The Cleveland Browns jersey’ Hue Jackson thought he did last season.

Best fit: The Seahawks make sense. The Los Angeles Chargers jersey also have expressed some interest, which is half the battle.

3. Nick Mangold jersey, centerBoth Mangold and potential suitors have taken a patient approach as his rehabilitation from a foot injury has extended into the summer. There is rarely a rush to sign a 33-year-old center, and his market is likely to form after the first wave of training camp injuries. Most league observers believe he has at least another year left in the tank.

Best fit: The Miami Dolphins jersey’ interest is understandable given the uncertain status of starter Mike Pouncey jersey jersey. Veterans such as Mangold, especially those who played in the AFC East, also have a funny way of ending up with the New England Patriots jersey.

4. Gary Barnidge jersey jersey, tight endThe Browns put Barnidge in a tough spot, retaining his rights until after drafting his likely replacement (David Njoku jersey) in late April. Barnidge caught 134 passes over the past two seasons despite playing with eight different quarterbacks during that span, but at 31 no team has rushed to sign him. He can still help in the passing game and is a more consistent blocker than you might realize.

Best fit: Barnidge has visited the Buffalo Bills jersey and, more recently, Jacksonville Jaguars jersey following the trade of Julius Thomas jersey jersey jersey. If Barnidge can produce with the Browns’ quarterbacks, he shouldn’t have any issue doing so with Blake Bortles jersey jersey.

5. Brandon Flowers jersey, cornerbackIt’s rare to find a competent cover corner on the market this late, and Flowers represents one of the best hopes for those who want veteran depth. Flowers played only six games for the Chargers last season, in part because of a concussion he suffered in Week 10, and at 31, teams are taking a close look at his medical evaluation. But he has had discussions with the Patriots, and was also invited to visit the Arizona Cardinals jersey.

Best fit: Flowers could probably maximize his opportunity by waiting for the first wave of summer injuries. In Arizona, he would have a chance to compete for the No. 2 cornerback job opposite Patrick Peterson jersey jersey, an enviable spot on paper that in reality means a ton of throws his way as teams avoid Peterson.

It appears there’s little market for Darrelle Revis jersey because of his significant decline last season and questions about his desire. Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports6. Darrelle Revis jersey, cornerbackA future Pro Football Hall of Fame player remains at home at the age of 32, even as teams sign inferior players such as Alterraun Verner jersey (Miami Dolphins jersey). The questions about Revis are more complicated. Why did his performance drop in 2016? Have his skills deteriorated that much? Or was it a lack of competitive interest? Regardless, any team with a need at cornerback this summer will have to consider him.

Best fit: Don’t overlook the Dolphins, even after their decision to sign Verner this week. And perhaps the Cardinals would consider him if Flowers proves not to be a fit.

7. Orlando Franklin jersey, offensive linemanThe Chargers, a team that seems perennially in need of offensive line depth, released Franklin in May after two years of injuries and uneven play following a five-year contract he signed in 2015. Few would argue that he was among the NFL’s most disappointing offensive linemen the past two years, but he is too big (6-foot-7, 330 pounds) and young (29) to fall off the radar entirely.

Best fit: Franklin visited with the Jets this week. Also, keep the Los Angeles Rams jersey in mind. The Rams’ new personnel executive, Brian Xanders, drafted Franklin for the Denver Broncos jersey in 2011.

8. Anquan Boldin jersey jersey, wide receiverBoldin, 36, had a productive year in Detroit last season and has proved exceptionally durable as his career advanced. He has played in at least 14 games in every season since he turned 30, and there is every reason to believe he can help a team’s intermediate passing game.

Best fit: He visited the Bills and has a rapport with quarterback Tyrod Taylor jersey jersey, dating to their days with the Baltimore Ravens jersey.

9. DeAngelo Williams jersey, running backAt 34, Williams is ancient for a running back. His wrestling debut earlier this month suggests he is at least thinking about a post-football career. But it also demonstrated he is still in good shape, and to be fair, he carried the ball nearly 300 times during the past two seasons in Pittsburgh. He still wants to play, except not for a few teams, and some coach is likely to prefer his experience when it comes time to enhance depth.

Best fit: Don’t rule out the Steelers, who know how valuable Williams can be in the backfield.

10. Dwight Freeney jersey, defensive endFreeney has squeezed four post-Colts seasons out of his career, and if anything, we have learned there is always room in the NFL for an effective situational pass-rusher. It’s difficult to believe there won’t be some team that expresses interest over the course of the summer.

Best fit: The Atlanta Falcons jersey have moved on — for now. An injury or two along their defensive line could make his phone ring. The Falcons know what kind of impact he can have.

Falcons’ stadium roof will be closed for home opener vs. Packers

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ATLANTA — The Atlanta Falcons jersey will play their first regular-season game inside the new $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium with the roof closed.

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Officials said the retractable roof of the stadium, which was left opened during a media tour Tuesday, still has to go through a process before the roof can remain open for an entire football game. Falcons team president Rich McKay explained the roof has to be “fully mechanized” and that such a process could take 40 working days from now, which means the roof will be closed for the preseason games and probably the start of the regular season.

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The roof can be operated now one petal at a time, but more fine-tuning and adjusting needs to be made to make all the petals work with one push of a button. The roof is made up of 27,500 tons of steel, 3,500 of which make up the roof petals. Each petal will move independently of each other.

Wholesale David Yankey jersey The roof of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be closed for preseason games and probably the start of the regular season as construction workers get the roof “fully mechanized” to remain open for an entire football game. Vaughn McClure/ESPNThe Falcons are scheduled to open the new stadium with an Aug. 26 preseason matchup with the Arizona Cardinals jersey, which falls inside the 40-day window.

“From a temperature standpoint and from an operational standpoint, it’s probably the right thing to do,” McKay told ESPN.

The Falcons’ fourth and final preseason game, an Aug. 31 home matchup with Jacksonville, also occurs inside the 40-day window. Although the Sept. 17 home opener is outside of the 40-day window, officials clarified that putting finishing touches on the roof won’t occur in 40 consecutive days. The workflow will be interrupted by certain blackout dates such as the Falcons’ preseason games, Atlanta United MLS soccer matches, the Chick-Fil-A college kickoff football games in the first week of September (Alabama vs Florida State, Georgia Tech vs. Tennessee), private events and the possibility of weather delays.

In addition, construction workers have to complete duties such as power washing the digital boards, which can’t occur with the roof open. That also would eat into time to work on the roof.

There has been no timeline placed on when the roof will be fully mechanized. Essentially, October appears to be a more realistic goal for the Falcons to play a game with the Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof open, if it’s not too hot or not raining at that time. The Falcons host the Buffalo Bills jersey Oct. 1 and the Miami Dolphins jersey Oct. 15.

Officials insist the roof is not a major issue.

“We’re feeling great about where we are,” said Scott Jenkins, the general manager of the stadium.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn was asked last month if he’d prefer the roof to be opened or closed.

“I prefer a roof opened,” Quinn told ESPN. “You know those days where you say, ‘Man, this is a day for some football’? If it’s the idealistic setting or it’s ideal football weather where you feel the crispness, I prefer that roof to be open. If it’s lightning and it’s raining, I’d say, ‘You know what? Let’s go inside.”

The process of opening and closing the roof typically takes 12 minutes but can be sped up to 10 minutes. A decision on having the roof opened or closed has to be made 90 minutes before kickoff. Temperatures in the 80s typically will result in the roof being closed, McKay said.

The process of installing the field already began Tuesday, earlier than expected. That process is expected to be completed by Aug. 5, if not wholesale jersey sooner.

“People traditionally will say a turf like that it anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million,” McKay said. “They are very good at it. They did the Georgia Dome. They did our practice field. FieldTurf is everywhere. … They know how to get the product installed.”

Don’t sleep on these steady fantasy football players

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The quest for “upside” can lure even the most experienced fantasy football owner into making costly mistakes at the draft table.

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More people play on ESPN than anywhere else. Join or create a league in the No. 1 Fantasy Football game! Sign Up for Free!

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Players who fit the description of “steady” performers aren’t merely those who grade well in terms of consistency metrics, such as those found in my Consistency Ratings. Those measures do generally identify the game’s most reliable players, but role changes and injuries have an impact, so each player’s entire profile should be considered.

Wholesale Kawann Short jersey Each steady performer includes “Tristan’s ADP take,” listing the player’s ADP in ESPN leagues as of July 24, as well as my opinion on how worthy the pick is at that spot.

Devonta Freeman jersey jersey, RB, Atlanta Falcons jersey: Since taking over as the Falcons’ starting running back in Week 3 of 2015, he has scored the second-most non-PPR (456.9) and PPR (576.9) fantasy points. Freeman’s path to getting there, however, reveals the kind of consistent approach that made him an underappreciated yet reliable weekly RB1 last season. Only six times in his 29 career starts has he posted a PPR score in single digits (with only three of those beneath eight points), and only four of Freeman’s non-PPR games have resulted in fewer than five fantasy points. His receiving ability, which fueled the third-best target total among running backs during that same time span, makes him one of the position’s most reliable weekly plays despite the presence of Tevin Coleman jersey jersey.

Tristan’s ADP take: 10th overall (10.6 average) is a completely fair spot to select Freeman, as he’s absolutely first-round material.2017 Fantasy Football Draft KitEverything you need to have a successful fantasy football season. Draft Kit

? Staff rankings: PPR | non-PPR

? Player projections and profiles

? Depth charts: QB | RB | WR | TE

? Eric Karabell’s football blog

? Berry’s 100 facts for 2017

? Sleepers, busts, breakouts for 2017

? Clay’s top handcuffs to target

? Sign up now: It’s free to play!

Pierre Garcon jersey, WR, San Francisco 49ers jersey: This one is speculating ahead more than it is drawing upon last season, though in Garcon’s defense, he was consistently closest to his fantasy points-per-game average (7.6 in non-PPR, 41st; 12.6 in PPR, 31st) among wide receivers in 2016. He’s highly likely to capture the team lead in targets in San Francisco. In fact, he could rival his numbers from 2013, when he finished as the No. 13 wide receiver in non-PPR and No. 11 in PPR fantasy points. Garcon is one of the more obvious low-ceiling, high-floor receivers on draft boards this year.

Tristan’s ADP take: 64th (69.0) is about right for Garcon.

Frank Gore jersey jersey, RB, Indianapolis Colts jersey: He’s now 34 years old and is coming off consecutive years with a yard-per-carry average below 4.00, but a look at the Colts’ running back depth chart shows a remarkable lack of competition for Gore’s carries. He has managed at least 15 carries in 20 of his 32 games since joining the Colts after the 2014 season, and is the only running back in football to have started all 32 games over the past two seasons. Despite his so-so rushing rates, he finished 10th in non-PPR and ninth in PPR fantasy scoring at his position during that two-year span. When it comes to Gore, the perception is that (mostly due to age) he’s a low-ceiling, low-floor performer. The truth is that he’s actually one of the higher-floor players at his position.

Tristan’s ADP take: 61st (66.5), or in the middle of the flex-play tier, is just about right.Editor’s PicksThese fantasy players could make or break your seasonBoom-or-bust players can make the difference between winning and losing your fantasy football leagues. The key is recognizing them and drafting them at the right time.

Cockcroft: Strategy for PPR fantasy football leaguesDo you play in a PPR league? Thinking about making the switch? Here is a primer on how you’ll want to approach things in leagues that grant an extra point for each catch.

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Jarvis Landry jersey jersey, WR, Miami Dolphins jersey: In the past two seasons, he has finished 13th and 16th among wide receivers in non-PPR fantasy points (and eighth and 14th in PPR fantasy points) despite the fact that he scored exactly four receiving touchdowns in each of those years. That’s a challenging feat to accomplish — only five other receivers this century have scored at least as many PPR fantasy points in a season with four or fewer receiving touchdowns — and it shows how stable a WR2 Landry can be on a weekly basis. It also demonstrates how much profit potential he has if he’s just a little bit luckier in the touchdown department in 2017.

Tristan’s ADP take: 34th (36.3) is solid value for Landry, who makes a case for a third-round pick in PPR.

Matt Ryan jersey jersey, QB, Atlanta Falcons jersey: He’s an obvious candidate for regression in 2017: Ryan put up a 69.9 percent completion rate, 7.1 percent touchdown rate and 9.3 yards-per-attempt rate last season, all of which were well above his career numbers (64.9, 4.7 and 7.4). The appeal with Ryan, however, is his consistency. From wholesale jersey 2014-16, he managed a fantasy point total between 15 and 22 on 20 occasions, third-most among quarterbacks; 13 of those occurred in 2014-15, good for sixth-best at the position. Although he’ll have a new offensive coordinator this season in Steve Sarkisian, Ryan shouldn’t see much change in an offense that returns most of its primary playmakers.

Tristan’s ADP take: 36th (42.3) is far too early a pick for my taste, as weekly upside rather than consistency is paramount in single-quarterback leagues. In leagues where Ryan lasts three-plus rounds longer, he’d be a welcome pick.

Delanie Walker jersey, TE, Tennessee Titans jersey: With many leagues moving to some variety of PPR (half- or full-point) scoring in recent years, Walker has become an increasingly handy and often underrated asset in such formats. In the past three seasons combined, he has 333 targets, 38 shy of Greg Olsen jersey jersey for the position lead despite playing three fewer games than Olsen. What’s more, Walker has managed at least five targets in 37 of 45 games played during that time, and at least eight targets in 21 contests, showing how high his weekly statistical floor is. Though the Titans have added some weapons to their receiving corps during the offseason that could cut into Walker’s target total, he’s still an integral part of their game plan. Moreover, a healthy year from Marcus Mariota jersey could result in a sizable step forward in terms of team pass attempts (504 last season, 28th in the NFL).

Tristan’s ADP take: 59th (63.5) is great value for Walker, who annually seems to get overlooked.

Ex-coach Gary Kubiak returning to Broncos as a scouting adviser

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Gary Kubiak has said, “I’ll always be a Bronco,” and the Denver Broncos jersey made it official that he will continue to have a role with the franchise.

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Kubiak, 55, has returned to Denver as a senior personnel adviser, the team said.

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Editor’s PicksBroncos GM Elway agrees to new 5-year dealGeneral manager John Elway jersey has agreed to a new five-year contract that will keep him in Denver through the 2021 season.

Cheap Cariel Brooks jersey Kubiak retires, fights tears in farewell addressGary Kubiak officially stepped down as the Broncos’ head coach, saying that he is retiring from coaching due to health concerns while fighting back tears during his farewell news conference.

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“It’s an honor for me to continue to be part of this great organization,” Kubiak said in a statement. “John [Elway] and I talked long ago about any opportunity like this, and I’m very happy to be able to contribute on the personnel side.

“I said when I left that I still wanted to be involved in football. This gives me an opportunity to be involved with the game, and I’m excited to get to work.”

Kubiak will participate in player evaluations, and while he will be based in Texas, he will make several trips to the team’s complex in suburban Denver.

After two seasons as the Broncos’ head coach, during which the team went 21-11 and won Super Bowl 50, Kubiak stepped down from his post in January. But he hinted at a return to football in some kind of scouting role in an interview with ESPN in Houston in February.

“With as much experience as he has evaluating players, Gary’s going to be a tremendous resource for our personnel department,” Broncos executive vice president of football operations/general manager John Elway jersey said in the statement. “He’ll primarily help on the college side and assist us in free agency as well.”

Gark Kubiak was 21-11 as the Broncos’ coach the past two seasons and led the franchise to a victory in Super Bowl 50. Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY SportsKubiak has extensive ties to Elway and the Broncos’ staff. Elway, who just agreed to a five-year contract extension Monday, was Kubiak’s road roommate when the two were players. Kubiak was an eighth-round draft pick by the Broncos in 1983 — the same year Elway was acquired wholesale jersey in a trade.

Kubiak also served as Elway’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator from 1995 to 1998, and Broncos first-year coach Vance Joseph was an assistant on Kubiak’s staff with the Houston Texans jersey. Kubiak was the Texans’ coach from 2006 to 2013, going 61-64.

Joseph has called Kubiak “one of my biggest mentors and a great person” and earlier this year Kubiak said Joseph was “a great choice” as the team’s new coach. Kubiak also coached Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave during their playing careers.

Kubiak spent a night in the hospital last season after the Broncos’ Oct. 9 loss to the Atlanta Falcons jersey. He was diagnosed with a “complex migraine condition” and was away from the team for a week after his hospital stay, missing an Oct. 13 game in San Diego.

Kubiak also had a mini-stroke in 2013 when he collapsed during a game while coaching the Texans. Kubiak returned to the sideline later that month and was fired later that season.

Earlier this year he said of his decision to quit coaching: “It’s been good, I know I did the right thing. I knew what I was doing and I made a commitment and I said, ‘You know I need to take a step back, take a break here.’ And so I feel good. Everybody asks me if I’m OK health-wise, and I’m fine. I know the demands of coaching and what they entail and what they entail for me and I just thought I need to take a break. I feel good and I’m really excited about what’s next. I’m not in a hurry, but I’m talking to a lot of people and I’m going to … go get after it and chase that just like I did coaching.”

Michael Vick working with Chiefs because he’s interested in coaching

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Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick has expressed an interest in coaching, so he is working as a coaching intern this summer for Kansas City Chiefs jersey coach Andy Reid.

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Vick spent 13 seasons in the NFL, the first six with the Atlanta Falcons jersey, who recently honored him.

mitch morse black friday jersey

In May, Vick told the Howard Eskin Podcast wholesale jersey that he’d talked with Reid about coaching alongside him.

Cheap Mitch Morse jersey “Yeah, well, he just wanted to get my thoughts, but we haven’t talked about it since,” Vick said then. “But if I could coach with anybody, I would love to start out with Andy if there was an opportunity. Obviously, I would love it with the Falcons as well. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Vick was the first and only quarterback to surpass 1,000 rushing yards in a season in league history. His time with the Falcons came to an abrupt end in 2007 when he was sentenced to 23 months in prison for running a dogfighting operation.

He returned to play for the Eagles, was named Comeback Player of the Year in 2010 and made the Pro Bowl for the fourth time in 2010.

Rams’ long-term success begins and ends with Jared Goff

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ESPN recently put together power rankings based on how each NFL team is positioned for the next three seasons. The Los Angeles Rams jersey finished 28th. That is, um, not good. It’s not good because, well, 28th is bad. It’s really not good because of what the next three seasons represent for this franchise. Thanks to heavy rainfall in a city that never experiences heavy rainfall, these next three years now constitute the buildup to the Rams — and the Los Angeles Chargers jersey — moving into their vast, opulent $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood, California.

black friday jeremy vujnovich jersey

The Rams — 13 years removed from their last playoff appearance, 14 years removed from their last winning season — want to become legitimate contenders as quickly as possible. More specifically, they want to ensure they are a playoff-caliber franchise by the time they move into that new stadium. ESPN’s Louis Riddick, Mike Sando and Field Yates don’t believe they will be — at least not as currently constructed. The trio graded each team’s roster, quarterback, draft, coaches and front office, and crunched the numbers to come up with a final score. The result: 27 of the 31 other teams are, in their minds, better positioned for success from 2017 through 2019.

jeremy vujnovich black friday jersey

The Rams really need Jared Goff jersey to solidify himself as their starting quarterback. Kirby Lee/USA TODAY SportsNo. 1: Figure out the quarterback position.

Cheap Jeremy Vujnovich jersey The Rams’ offensive struggles aren’t just a last year thing. They aren’t just a Jeff Fisher thing, either. The franchise’s ineptitude in this department runs a whole lot deeper. Ten years, to be exact. The Rams’ offense has ranked outside of the top 20 in Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) every year since 2007. Yes, 2007. That stretches through five head coaches — two of them on an interim tag — and seven offensive coordinators. It’s a plague.

During that 10-year run from 2007 to ’16, the Rams saw 14 different quarterbacks make starts for them. They are, in some semblance of order: Marc Bulger, Gus Frerotte, Brock Berlin, Trent Green, Kyle Boller, Keith Null, Sam Bradford jersey, A.J. Feeley, Kellen Clemens jersey, Austin Davis jersey, Shaun Hill jersey jersey, Nick Foles jersey jersey jersey, Case Keenum jersey and Jared Goff jersey.

Now, about that last guy …

The Rams moved up 14 spots to draft Goff No. 1 overall in 2016, as you probably already know. It didn’t go well. You might have heard that, too. Goff, widely considered relatively raw coming out of Cal, never challenged for a starting spot during training camp and never won a game during the season. He took control of the offense during the final seven weeks, completing 54.6 percent of his passes, averaging 5.3 yards per attempt, throwing five touchdowns to seven interceptions, and finishing with a Total QBR of 22.9, dead last among those who started at least five times.

But is it really fair to judge Goff off that one season? Aside from the fact that it’s only a seven-game sample size, and that he was only 22, and that he was transitioning out of a collegiate offense that didn’t require him to call a play from the huddle or take a snap from under center, his supporting cast was atrocious. The Rams’ offensive line was a mess, enough of one that Todd Gurley jersey, the Offensive Rookie of the Year just a season earlier, barely had room to breathe. Their receiving corps continued to be less than adequate. And the entire Fisher-led staff entered 2016 with one season of directly coaching NFL quarterbacks.

You don’t have to be some wide-eyed optimist to believe we might see a completely different Goff this year, now that offensive-minded Sean McVay has taken over as head coach and now that Goff has an entire year of NFL football under his belt. There’s talent there. You don’t get drafted before everybody else without it, regardless of whatever circumstances played into it. It’s all about whether the wholesale jersey Rams can actually tap into it and finally develop a legitimate, reliable starting quarterback, the kind this organization hasn’t had since Bulger hung it up.

Yes, Sean Mannion jersey jersey, a third-round pick in 2015 — and the man Eric Dickerson jersey wants as his quarterback — looms in the background. Sure, Kirk Cousins jersey will probably be available next offseason. And of course, next year’s draft looks a little bit more promising at quarterback, especially if USC’s Sam Darnold declares early. But what the Rams really need is for Goff to solidify himself as the guy. It’s why he’s the focus of the final entry in this series. Goff becoming a bust could set this franchise back another half-decade. Goff figuring it out can help make the Rams a sustainable winner quickly.

Goff added about 10 pounds since the start of the 2017 calendar year. He was exceedingly present throughout the offseason program, and he has already impressed teammates on the field.

He’s doing everything he can.

“He wants to be great,” said offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, who spent the last two years working with Matt Ryan jersey jersey and the Atlanta Falcons jersey. “He’s doing everything that we’ve asked him to do, and then some. He’s working hard every day. I think he’s getting better every day.”

(Previously: 5, solidify the offensive line; 4, keep the defensive core intact; 3, McVay must learn fast; 2, draft better.)