Hue Jackson: DE Myles Garrett ‘is ready to go’ at Browns camp

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BEREA, Ohio – Myles Garrett jersey has recovered from the sprained foot that sidelined him during minicamp and will be full go for training camp, Cleveland Browns jersey coach Hue Jackson said Wednesday.

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“Myles is ready to go,” Jackson said at the team’s pre-camp news conference.

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“We will definitely monitor him, but I think he’s totally healthy. Maybe [he] hasn’t done all the conditioning that you like to see right before training camp,” Jackson said. “But I think he’s up to speed and ready to go. And he’s looking forward to it.”

Wholesale Tevin Westbrook jersey In the time Garrett was away from the Browns, he made clear his recovery was going well on his Instagram page.

The Browns’ first practice open to the public and media is Thursday afternoon.

Ravens sign RB Bobby Rainey to bolster backfield depth

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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — The Baltimore Ravens jersey officially reunited with Bobby Rainey jersey on Wednesday to help improve their depth at running back, the team announced.

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The Ravens were looking to sign the 29-year-old journeyman before Kenneth Dixon jersey underwent knee surgery Tuesday, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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His best season came in 2013, when he led Tampa Bay with 532 yards rushing and five touchdowns. Last season, Rainey ran for 63 yards on 17 carries for the Giants.

Wholesale Khyri Thornton jersey The only certainties at running back to make the season-opening roster are Terrance West jersey jersey and Danny Woodhead jersey. The other backups are Buck Allen, who only carried the ball wholesale jersey nine times last season; Taquan Mizzell, an undrafted rookie out of Virginia; and Lorenzo Taliaferro jersey jersey, who has moved from tailback to fullback.

Dixon, the Ravens’ second-leading rusher last season, had knee surgery on Tuesday to repair a medial meniscus. There is no timetable yet for his return, according to the team, but two sources told Schefter it’s 50-50 that Dixon is out for the year. Another source told Schefter that a 4-to 5-month recovery is expected, so a return is possible but unlikely.

How Bill Belichick has mastered the art of saying nothing

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Since Bill Belichick resigned as “HC of the NYJ” and joined the New England Patriots jersey, the team’s five Super Bowl championships and 14 AFC East titles mark an unprecedented run of sustained success.

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That success has also bred an impressive level of secrecy. Over the years, Belichick has done his best to withhold even the most elementary knowledge from the public and his competition. His media conferences no longer feature infamous notes annotated on loose paper like they did that January day in 2000.

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Every so often, though, Belichick delves into his vast knowledge of the game, its history, and the former executives, coaches and players he has worked with.

Cheap Derrick Lott jersey Belichick held more than 100 media conferences and calls with local media over the course of the 2016 season. Each provided its own window into how the coach flawlessly navigates through the NFL’s many daily briefings without saying much of anything at all.

Data gathered from media conference transcripts on

Out of sight, out of mindBrady served his four-game Deflategate suspension at the start of the 2016 season, which meant invaluable playing time for backup Jimmy Garoppolo jersey jersey and rookie Jacoby Brissett jersey. Per NFL rules, Brady wasn’t allowed to be at the team facility during his suspension, and judging from media conference transcripts during that time frame, the coach didn’t spend too much time thinking about his star quarterback.

How often Belichick mentioned his QBs by name, Weeks 1-4Not giving an inchBrady made his return in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns jersey to much fanfare from the media but little from Belichick. The head coach addressed the media on Wednesday that week like he normally does — and like he normally does, he showed little enthusiasm for the story of the day.

How Belichick responded to questions, Week 5High praise for bad teams Are the Patriots about to play the Steelers or the bumbling Jets? The Seahawks or the bottom-of-the-barrel Browns? Oftentimes, it’s hard to tell when listening to Belichick, who has a penchant for heaping praise on his opponents regardless of their standing.

Prior to playing the 0-4 Browns: “Defensively they’re very sound, aggressive. They capitalize on a lot of offensive mistakes with their effort and aggressiveness. We’ve got to do a great job of taking care of the ball and staying out of long yardage. They’re a very good third-down team, longer yardage situations, so those are hard to convert and very aggressive in the secondary. They’ve got good experience back there with [Joe] Haden, [Tramon] Williams, [Jamar] Taylor, [Jordan] Poyer, guys like that, guys that have been around for a while that are smart, instinctive players. We’ve got to do a good job there.”

How the Browns performed in Week 5Prior to playing the 4-10 Jets: “We’ve got a lot of work to do relative to preparing for this game on another short week. Offensively, a team that was very explosive and it’s become even more explosive with kind of the emergence of [Robby] Anderson, [Bilal] Powell … plus the [Quincy] Enunwa, [Brandon] Marshall and [Matt] Forte group that we already spent a lot of time talking about. But these guys, Powell and Anderson in particular, have been extremely productive and explosive the last few weeks. I’d say [Bryce] Petty has a lot of confidence in those guys. Their production has been very impressive.”

How the Jets performed in Week 16The NFL’s hardest-working teamEvery coach will generally note that his players “work hard” in varying degrees, but Belichick took it a step further during the 2016 season, bestowing his “nobody works harder than” seal of approval on multiple players.

Let’s start with pretty much the entire receiver corps:

You’ve got that right: Nobody works harder than Chris Hogan jersey, Matthew Slater jersey jersey, Julian Edelman jersey jersey or Danny Amendola jersey jersey. Well, except for them, of course.

Stephen Gostkowski jersey jersey, Dion Lewis jersey jersey, Rob Gronkowski jersey jersey, Danny Amendola jersey jersey (again) and Wes Welker all joined the “nobody works harder than” club before season’s end. Here’s a quick sampling:

On Gostkowski’s struggles (Oct. 23): “Nobody works harder than Steve. Steve’s a very talented player. He’s mentally tough. He’s a good football player. We’ll work through it.”

On Lewis’ play coming off an ACL injury (Oct. 28): “Dion works really hard. I think nobody works harder than Dion.”

After Gronkowski’s back surgery was announced (Dec. 12): “Nobody’s worked harder than Rob and has been a better teammate and all that, so hopefully things will work out as positively as possible with him.”

On how Amendola handled his time off recovering from injury (Jan. 10): “Yeah, nobody works harder than Danny. Nobody works harder. He’s done everything he can do. I’m sure he’ll continue to do that, and we’ll see how it goes.”

After the Texans hired Welker as an assistant coach (Feb. 1): “Nobody worked harder than Wes. Wes loved football.”

Tough crowd Brady posted the NFL’s best Total QBR score during four different weeks last season. But you wouldn’t know it when perusing Belichick’s postgame remarks after those games against the Browns, Steelers, Bills and Jets. Any questions directly intended to steer Belichick toward praising Brady were often shut down by the Patriots coach.

Brady’s QBR vs. NFL averageWhat Belichick said postgame: “I think Tom works hard. He’s always worked hard. I don’t think there’s any question about that. I think there’s a lot of things he needs to work on. There are a lot of things we all need to work on as a football team.”

What Belichick said postgame: He was not asked about — and did not mention — Brady’s play.

What Belichick said postgame: “Well, again, I thought that we had good play from our entire team today. You know, Tom did a good job, but we had a lot of the guys play well today. It was a good team win.”

What Belichick said postgame: He did not mention Brady’s play while answering a question about the amount of time the QB had to throw the ball.

The rantsBelichick will occasionally give impressively long answers. Sometimes a question sparks one of the coach’s many interests — left-footed punters, football history or inaccurate meteorologists, to name a few. Other times, Belichick, who’s always one step ahead, is filibustering to kill time like it’s the end of the fourth quarter. Here are some of his lengthiest rants from the 2016 season:

Sampling: “Because of [the Steelers’] consistency I’ve learned a lot from studying that organization and I think Coach Noll was just — did a tremendous job. He had great stability, very good fundamental coach. He believed in what wholesale jersey he believed in and they got good at it and they always had tough, physical, hard-nosed, smart football players. The receivers blocked, the offensive line was tough, defensively they always tackled well. They played good fundamentals. They were just very well coached and all of the people that I’ve talked to that have coached on his staff, they’ve affirmed that with their recollections of it.”

Sampling: “As you probably noticed, I’m done with the tablets. I’ve given them as much time as I can give them. They’re just too undependable for me. I’m going to stick with pictures as several of our other coaches do as well because there just isn’t enough consistency in the performance of the tablets, so I just can’t take it anymore.”

Sampling: “Teams that played on the surface that you’re not familiar with find out whether it’s a hard surface, soft surface, fast track or whatever it happens to be, and maybe get some opinion on what type of footwear you’d want to wear. But a lot of that comes down to actually seeing the field and making a decision the day before, the day of the game. Dave Schoenfeld, our equipment manager, has a lot of experience and he’s very good at that — identifying what type of footwear we would need on a particular field. Particularly, when he gets to the field the day before a game and sets up the locker room and so forth, he’ll let me know what the conditions are. Sometimes, that’s not consistent on the field. Sometimes it’s, well, the field is sodded in the middle, or the field in the middle is a little chewed up but it’s good on the edges or vice versa.”

Not his first rodeoAt this stage, Belichick is a seasoned pro at navigating the Super Bowl media circus. It starts at the media night and drags through scheduled media conferences the next days. The Super Bowl LI matchup between the Patriots and Falcons presented a unique juxtaposition between Belichick and Atlanta coach Dan Quinn. To start, their experience difference — Belichick was prepping for his seventh Super Bowl as a head coach, while Quinn had been in charge for just two seasons — led to the two facing much different questions from reporters.

Types of questions asked of Belichick and QuinnNo surprise for a first-time Super Bowl head coach, Quinn was more talkative during media week compared to the veteran Belichick, with the biggest discrepancy coming on Wednesday. Quinn’s desire to offer an opening statement for each day that week, when he went in-depth on where he felt the Falcons were in relation to game preparation, was decidedly different than Belichick’s approach.

Length of Belichick and Quinn media conferencesThe plays that defined the Super Bowl The Patriots’ win probability in Super Bowl LI dipped as low as 0.2 percent, when they were down 28-3 with 21 minutes left to play. You know what happened next: New England mounted a furious comeback and won 34-28 in overtime. Based on his postgame remarks, three plays seemed to stand out most to Belichick.

Dont’a Hightower jersey jersey’s strip sack (8:31 left in 4Q)Belichick: “[Dont’a] Hightower’s sack was a huge play for us. We really needed that even after our two turnovers offensively in the first half.”

Trey Flowers jersey jersey’ sack (3:56 left in 4Q)Belichick: “Shades of some of the other ones we have seen before in previous games like this, then we got [Trey Flowers jersey jersey’] sack. We got the holding penalty [on Jake Matthews jersey jersey] and we were able to push them back out of field goal range, so that was a huge defensive series for us.”

Julian Edelman jersey jersey’s miracle catch (2:28 left in 4Q)Belichick: “Edelman’s catch was an unbelievable play. … I wasn’t sure if he had it or not. Then when we saw the replay he was clearly under it. Julian has great concentration. He is a tremendous competitor.”

Best fits for top NFL free agents still on the market

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Training camps have opened around the NFL with the best intentions. Teams have spent months building what they hope are disaster-proof rosters. Should a catastrophe ensue, or an offseason projection simply fall short, a handful of veteran free agents remain available to help.

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Editor’s PicksWhy NFL teams will settle for less talent at backup QB”They talk about competition at every position, but obviously there is not,” an NFL defensive coach says. Why do teams sometimes employ No. 2 QBs who possess limited appeal in the present and no upside for the future?

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Let’s take a look at the best of them, as of Tuesday morning, and then take a stab at pairing them with a possible destination(s).

Cheap Josh Evans jersey 1. Colin Kaepernick jersey, quarterbackThe verdict has seemed clear for a while now: No team judges Kaepernick’s skills highly enough to supplant either its distaste for his 2016 anthem protest or the public attention it would presumably garner in 2017. Fair or otherwise, that’s how most teams operate. But Kaepernick is by far the best unsigned option at the position. It might take an injury or depth-chart failure for a team to make the move, however.

Best fit: Seattle Seahawks jersey, who showed interest in June and would be derelict to leave their Super Bowl hopes in the hands of Trevone Boykin or Austin Davis jersey should Russell Wilson jersey be injured. Kaepernick is also a better quarterback than anyone on the New York Jets jersey’ roster.

2. Robert Griffin III jersey, quarterbackThe wholesale jersey Kaepernick drama has overshadowed scant Griffin’s struggle to find a job, five years after he was the draft’s No. 2 overall pick. The league’s hesitance is understandable; Griffin has encountered injuries throughout his career and has never looked comfortable outside the unsustainable read option structure. What has he done to suggest he is more than what we’ve seen? He is only 27, but does any coach have the skill, time and interest necessary to elevate him? The Cleveland Browns jersey’ Hue Jackson thought he did last season.

Best fit: The Seahawks make sense. The Los Angeles Chargers jersey also have expressed some interest, which is half the battle.

3. Nick Mangold jersey, centerBoth Mangold and potential suitors have taken a patient approach as his rehabilitation from a foot injury has extended into the summer. There is rarely a rush to sign a 33-year-old center, and his market is likely to form after the first wave of training camp injuries. Most league observers believe he has at least another year left in the tank.

Best fit: The Miami Dolphins jersey’ interest is understandable given the uncertain status of starter Mike Pouncey jersey jersey. Veterans such as Mangold, especially those who played in the AFC East, also have a funny way of ending up with the New England Patriots jersey.

4. Gary Barnidge jersey jersey, tight endThe Browns put Barnidge in a tough spot, retaining his rights until after drafting his likely replacement (David Njoku jersey) in late April. Barnidge caught 134 passes over the past two seasons despite playing with eight different quarterbacks during that span, but at 31 no team has rushed to sign him. He can still help in the passing game and is a more consistent blocker than you might realize.

Best fit: Barnidge has visited the Buffalo Bills jersey and, more recently, Jacksonville Jaguars jersey following the trade of Julius Thomas jersey jersey jersey. If Barnidge can produce with the Browns’ quarterbacks, he shouldn’t have any issue doing so with Blake Bortles jersey jersey.

5. Brandon Flowers jersey, cornerbackIt’s rare to find a competent cover corner on the market this late, and Flowers represents one of the best hopes for those who want veteran depth. Flowers played only six games for the Chargers last season, in part because of a concussion he suffered in Week 10, and at 31, teams are taking a close look at his medical evaluation. But he has had discussions with the Patriots, and was also invited to visit the Arizona Cardinals jersey.

Best fit: Flowers could probably maximize his opportunity by waiting for the first wave of summer injuries. In Arizona, he would have a chance to compete for the No. 2 cornerback job opposite Patrick Peterson jersey jersey, an enviable spot on paper that in reality means a ton of throws his way as teams avoid Peterson.

It appears there’s little market for Darrelle Revis jersey because of his significant decline last season and questions about his desire. Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports6. Darrelle Revis jersey, cornerbackA future Pro Football Hall of Fame player remains at home at the age of 32, even as teams sign inferior players such as Alterraun Verner jersey (Miami Dolphins jersey). The questions about Revis are more complicated. Why did his performance drop in 2016? Have his skills deteriorated that much? Or was it a lack of competitive interest? Regardless, any team with a need at cornerback this summer will have to consider him.

Best fit: Don’t overlook the Dolphins, even after their decision to sign Verner this week. And perhaps the Cardinals would consider him if Flowers proves not to be a fit.

7. Orlando Franklin jersey, offensive linemanThe Chargers, a team that seems perennially in need of offensive line depth, released Franklin in May after two years of injuries and uneven play following a five-year contract he signed in 2015. Few would argue that he was among the NFL’s most disappointing offensive linemen the past two years, but he is too big (6-foot-7, 330 pounds) and young (29) to fall off the radar entirely.

Best fit: Franklin visited with the Jets this week. Also, keep the Los Angeles Rams jersey in mind. The Rams’ new personnel executive, Brian Xanders, drafted Franklin for the Denver Broncos jersey in 2011.

8. Anquan Boldin jersey jersey, wide receiverBoldin, 36, had a productive year in Detroit last season and has proved exceptionally durable as his career advanced. He has played in at least 14 games in every season since he turned 30, and there is every reason to believe he can help a team’s intermediate passing game.

Best fit: He visited the Bills and has a rapport with quarterback Tyrod Taylor jersey jersey, dating to their days with the Baltimore Ravens jersey.

9. DeAngelo Williams jersey, running backAt 34, Williams is ancient for a running back. His wrestling debut earlier this month suggests he is at least thinking about a post-football career. But it also demonstrated he is still in good shape, and to be fair, he carried the ball nearly 300 times during the past two seasons in Pittsburgh. He still wants to play, except not for a few teams, and some coach is likely to prefer his experience when it comes time to enhance depth.

Best fit: Don’t rule out the Steelers, who know how valuable Williams can be in the backfield.

10. Dwight Freeney jersey, defensive endFreeney has squeezed four post-Colts seasons out of his career, and if anything, we have learned there is always room in the NFL for an effective situational pass-rusher. It’s difficult to believe there won’t be some team that expresses interest over the course of the summer.

Best fit: The Atlanta Falcons jersey have moved on — for now. An injury or two along their defensive line could make his phone ring. The Falcons know what kind of impact he can have.

As Browns build foundation, 2017 could trigger turnaround

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The most patient group of fans wholesale jersey in the NFL has been waiting for something — for anything — since 1999.

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But the Cleveland Browns jersey’ turnaround has yet to happen. The few times something positive has happened, impatience and bad decisions led to the Browns derailing themselves.

levi norwood cyber monday jersey

The Browns hope their three first-round picks in this year’s draft — Myles Garrett jersey, Jabrill Peppers jersey and David Njoku jersey — will help spark a major rebuild toward sustained success. Ken Blaze/USA TODAY SportsThis does not mean anyone should expect the Browns to win a lot of games in 2017. There are significant questions at key areas. In a passing era, they lack a quarterback and they lack receivers. They have a brutal opening schedule (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Cincinnati in the first four weeks). They are coming off a one-win season.

Wholesale Levi Norwood jersey But the Browns should be more competitive and improved at several positions, and it’s not unrealistic to think they will have five or six wins at the end of this coming season, with five picks in the first two rounds of the 2018 draft.

Most teams would scoff at six wins. For the Browns, it’s a 500 percent improvement and a sign of growth. At this point, Browns fans seem to understand. They don’t expect miracles; they just don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their time and spending their money to watch a team they know will lose.

Success has been so fleeting.

Coach Butch Davis made the playoffs in 2002, then blew up the team the next offseason. Instead of building on a winner, Davis wanted to start over his way. He wound up relieved of his job in 2004.

Coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Phil Savage just missed the playoffs in 2007 when they had the Browns’ only double-digit win total since 1999. But the team imploded the next season and then-owner Randy Lerner got impatient and fired everyone.

Coach Mike Pettine started 7-4 in 2014 but grew impatient with Brian Hoyer jersey jersey jersey’s struggles and forced Johnny Manziel jersey jersey on the field. The team finished 7-9 that season. By 2016, Manziel and Pettine and GM Ray Farmer were gone.

Instead of becoming consistent winners, the Browns haven’t even been competitive, with nine losing seasons in a row and eight of them with at least 11 losses. At one point last year, Siri pointed users to the team’s home stadium in answering the question, “Where is sadness?”

This new Browns regime — with Hue Jackson as coach and Sashi Brown as vice president of football operations — committed instantly to sticking with a plan centered on keeping key veterans, building through the draft and supplementing with free agents.

The plan was obscured when they let four starters walk on the first day of free agency in 2016. A one-win season followed, causing more heartburn.

But that one-win season led to the Browns drafting No. 1 overall and adding defensive lineman Myles Garrett jersey. They added two more first-round picks, re-signed three young players and then added four or five potential starters via free agency.

Teams, like ancient imperial capitals, are not built in a day. The Browns are committed to building the slow way with young players growing in a culture fostered by Jackson.

What signs are there of a foundation?

The Browns have a better-than-average running game, an offensive line with depth, more pieces on defense (especially on the line) and perhaps a chance at quarterback, in part due to drafting DeShone Kizer jersey in the second round. They are committed to Jackson as the head coach, and he is so committed to Cleveland that he and his wife, Michelle, recently established a foundation in the city that would care for the victims of human trafficking.

The overall talent is better, and deeper, even with some needs still remaining.

Realism shouldn’t be lost. The Browns do not have the look or feel of a playoff team, nor do they have the look or feel of a .500 team.

But they do have the look and feel of an improved and growing team.

When 2017 is over, the team and fans should be able to look back and say this was the season when the turnaround began.

Saints to put Dannell Ellerbe on IR, cut him once foot heals

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METAIRIE, La. — The New Orleans Saints jersey plan to cut veteran linebacker Dannell Ellerbe jersey jersey once he heals from a minor foot injury, a source confirmed to ESPN.

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Ellerbe, 31, will be placed on injured reserve to start wholesale jersey training camp. But the source said he is expected to be healthy within about three weeks.

jadeveon clowney cyber monday jersey

Ellerbe’s loss is a disappointment because he had been a dynamic playmaker at times when healthy over the past two years. But it won’t be a devastating blow for the Saints, who loaded up on linebacker depth this offseason and adapted to playing without Ellerbe as he dealt with a series of nagging injuries.

Wholesale Jadeveon Clowney jersey Ellerbe’s promising career has been derailed by injuries over the past four years with the Miami Dolphins jersey and Saints.

Dannell Ellerbe jersey jersey has missed 17 games for the Saints over the past two years due to hip, toe and quad injuries. Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesHe reached his peak as a key member of the Baltimore Ravens jersey’ 2012 Super Bowl championship team, then signed a $35 million contract with Miami in 2013. But he missed 15 games for the Dolphins with a major hip injury in 2014. Then, after being traded to New Orleans in 2015, Ellerbe missed a combined 17 games as a result of hip, toe and quad injuries.

Ellerbe had 83 tackles, four sacks and a forced fumble in two years with the Saints. In his eight-year career, he has 368 tackles, 10.5 sacks, three interceptions and two forced fumbles. He also had an interception in the AFC Championship Game during Baltimore’s Super Bowl run.

The Saints made linebacker depth a priority this offseason, signing veterans A.J. Klein jersey jersey jersey and Manti Te’o jersey in free agency, then drafting Florida’s Alex Anzalone jersey in the third round. Klein, Te’o and Craig Robertson jersey are expected to compete for the starting middle linebacker job, with all three of them candidates to replace Ellerbe as the starting weakside linebacker. Backups Nate Stupar jersey, Stephone Anthony jersey jersey and Michael Mauti jersey jersey will also compete for roles on defense and special teams.

The Saints also signed third-year player Kristjan Sokoli on Tuesday, his agent Brett Tessler said on Twitter. Sokoli, 25, spent the past two years with the Seattle Seahawks jersey and Indianapolis Colts jersey, appearing in just one game. He has primarily played on the defensive line, but the Saints plan to convert the 6-foot-5, 300-pounder to the offensive line.

New Orleans also signed veteran offensive lineman Martin Wallace jersey, his agent said on Twitter, and undrafted rookie cornerback Dejaun Butler. Wallace, 27, has bounced around the NFL since originally signing with the Cleveland Browns jersey as an undrafted rookie in 2013, appearing in only one career game. Butler, who played at Hawaii, auditioned with the Saints during minicamp tryouts this summer.

Andrew Hawkins retires two months after Pats deal, pledges brain to research

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Veteran wide receiver Andrew Hawkins jersey jersey, who had signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots jersey in May, announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday.

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Hawkins, who had shared his intentions with the Patriots, relayed the reason for his decision on Uninterrupted, the network developed by LeBron James and his business partner and CEO, Maverick Carter.

deiontrez mount black friday jersey

— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) July 25, 2017

Cheap Deiontrez Mount jersey “After OTAs and through summer training, my body just didn’t respond and wasn’t feeling the way it should going into camp,” the 31-year-old Hawkins said. “Basically it just started breaking down on me.”

The Concussion Legacy Foundation says Hawkins has pledged his brain for research into chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The degenerative disease is known to cause cognitive and behavioral problems in athletes, members of the military and others who sustained repeated head trauma.

Hawkins was wholesale jersey trying to crack a crowded wide receiver depth chart, with Julian Edelman jersey jersey, Brandin Cooks jersey jersey, Chris Hogan jersey, Malcolm Mitchell jersey and Danny Amendola jersey jersey at the top, and was considered a bubble player to make the roster.

Hawkins said it was a “tough call” and “bittersweet,” relaying that he is pursuing a Ph.D. in business and economics. He had made headlines in the offseason by earning his master’s degree from Columbia with a 4.0 GPA.

A six-year veteran who played for the Cincinnati Bengals jersey (2011-2013) and Cleveland Browns jersey (2014-2016), Hawkins totaled 209 receptions for 2,419 yards and nine touchdowns in his career.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Preston Smith tops Redskins’ list of players with something to prove

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The list of Washington Redskins jersey facing critical junctures doesn’t include only starters. It includes backups who could play a prominent role this season or in the future. It features former high draft picks and a onetime standout pass-rusher.

black friday freddie bishop jersey

There are, of course, many players facing critical junctures. But these seven stand out for various reasons, whether because of their ability to help now or in the future:

freddie bishop black friday jersey

Still, Smith worked as the starter throughout the spring. He remains a talented player, though one who needed to mature in terms of his work habits. Last offseason, Smith talked about how he altered his diet. Word is, he did the same in 2017 — and invested more into his workouts. That’s a good step. Players have said his talent reminds them of Aldon Smith jersey. Now he must go from being close to big plays to making them.

Cheap Freddie Bishop jersey The Redskins need linebacker Preston Smith jersey’s productivity to match his talent. Photo by Daniel Kucin Jr./Icon SportswireCornerback Bashaud Breeland jersey: A few plays definitely went against him in 2016, but Breeland remains a starter. He is definitely capable of a strong season once again; he steadily improved each of his first three years. He also is entering the final year of his contract, and the Redskins have drafted corners in the third round of the past two drafts (Kendall Fuller jersey and Fabian Moreau jersey). In other words, possible replacements are in house.

Linebacker Junior Galette jersey: He’s trying to complete a difficult task — return from missing two seasons thanks to consecutive Achilles injuries. Galette’s get-off was tremendous in the past, and if it remains close to what it was when recording a combined 22 sacks in 2013 and ’14, he can help Washington. Galette said in the spring that he weighed in the upper 240s. That’s on the lighter end for an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense — Smith and Ryan Kerrigan jersey both weigh at least 259 — but it doesn’t mean Galette can’t withstand an every-down role. But the Redskins do have players who can handle run responsibilities; they need pass-rushers. If that’s all Galette becomes, he can still make a big impact.

Quarterback Nate Sudfeld jersey: With uncertainty regarding Kirk Cousins jersey’ future beyond 2017 — although some predict his future is certain and won’t include Washington — Sudfeld’s development is worth watching. At this time last year, former general manager Scot McCloughan was telling people Sudfeld could become a starter in a year or two. Sudfeld, though, struggled in his first camp and threw too many interceptions. However, it’s all about growth, and after an offseason of work, how much progress will he have made? A lot of it will come down to what coaches call upper-body twitch; it’s what they feel separates Cousins from Sudfeld and Colt McCoy jersey — the suddenness of a throw. A good starter must have wholesale jersey that ability.

Sudfeld just needs to show that he’s worth developing. If Cousins isn’t around in 2018, the Redskins need a younger player to groom behind McCoy. How Sudfeld progresses will determine part of the Redskins’ direction at quarterback in the offseason.

Receiver Josh Doctson jersey: There will be natural growing pains for Doctson, who missed 14 games last season and most of the summer. But he was a first-round pick in 2016 and was the only receiver the Redskins wanted in the opening round, so they clearly like his talent. After losing two proven, veteran receivers — Pierre Garcon jersey and DeSean Jackson jersey — the Redskins need production from their high-level talent. That’s Doctson. This isn’t about making an instant impact, but he must at least contribute immediately and show steady growth.

Receiver Ryan Grant: The coaches have raved about his route running for the past three seasons, calling it the best on the team. Grant has caught a combined 39 passes in three seasons. In the past two years, Cousins’ passer rating when targeting Grant was 75.2, and his completion percentage was 59.6, a low figure given that the average yards per attempt was 6.4. Part of the problem for Grant, of course, has been playing behind Jackson and Garcon, which has limited his opportunities. With those two gone and with Doctson still learning the NFL game, Grant can prove his coaches right. Now in his fourth season, it’s time.

Running back Rob Kelley: He was terrific in his first three starts as a rookie last season, averaging 4.79 yards per carry. In his last six, however, he averaged only 3.3 yards per rush. That must change. Coach Jay Gruden has praised Kelley often during the offseason, and Kelley knows he must work on his patience through the hole and help more in the passing game. He will have a serious challenger in Samaje Perine jersey for the job, and the Redskins would like to get third-down back Chris Thompson jersey more touches. Kelley has to know how quickly things can change; a year ago at this time, Matt Jones jersey entered as the No. 1 back by a decent amount. Now? Jones is a long shot to make the roster.

Robert Griffin III would offer Chargers a backup QB with mobility

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COSTA MESA, Calif. — Los Angeles Chargers jersey head coach Anthony Lynn said training camp will be all about competition, even at the quarterback position.

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Well, it appears that Lynn stayed true to his word. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that former Cleveland Browns jersey and Washington Redskins jersey quarterback Robert Griffin III jersey is scheduled for a workout with the Chargers on Tuesday.

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University of Oregon product Kellen Clemens jersey has served as Rivers’ backup for the last two seasons. The Chargers also have two developmental prospects on the roster in Mike Bercovici and Eli Jenkins.

Wholesale Brandon Graham jersey But at 27 years old, Griffin could give the Chargers someone to provide a different look for opposing defenses on the oft chance Rivers gets injured.

The Chargers got an up-close look at Griffin last season, as the Baylor product helped lead the Browns to the team’s only win of the season, a 20-17 victory over the Chargers in Cleveland.

Griffin also would be a good fit for Lynn’s run-oriented offense. With the fleet-footed Tyrod Taylor jersey jersey leading Lynn’s offense in 2016, the Buffalo Bills jersey had the No. 1-ranked running team, averaging 164.4 rushing yards per contest.

The last time the Chargers carried three quarterbacks on the active roster was 2013, and could do so again this wholesale jersey year if Griffin is added to the mix for training camp, which starts Sunday.